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Project #1
Controllable Pre-Swirl Fins

Goals and objectives
To optimize the propulsion system on vessels by improving the working environment for the propeller. The benefits from this will be fuel oil savings and consequently lower emissions. Furthermore propeller noise will be reduced. 
This will be done by developing controllable pre-swirl fins – today this type of solution does not exist.
To develop a tested concept and solution for controllable pre-swirl fins, that optimizes the inflow (wakefield) to the propeller. The design must match both market needs, customer needs and business requirements.

Update from the project (March 2017)

Pre-Swirl or Stator fins in front of the propeller have been tried on a number of full body ship types like bulkers and tankers however only optimised for one condition, whereas the fins in the CPSF project is adjustable and being optimised for the vessel’s operating profile.

Vessel targets are bulker and tanker due to their two distinctive operating conditions – ballast and design - and container vessels due to their high loaded propellers at design speed and low loaded propellers at slow steaming.

The project is progressing according to the original plan with the exception of having sufficient data for a bulker case but this is now in place and will not affect the overall timeline.

The first CFD simulation of the fins on a container vessel has shown less than expected improvement in efficiency but it needs further verification using other fin geometries and settings.

The CFD analysis on the bulk carrier has been started up and a higher gain in efficiency for this type of vessels is anticipated. On the mechanical side a concept has been developed and will in the coming period be designed in details based on forces from CFD simulations.

MAN Diesel & Turbo
Maersk Maritime Technology
The project is supported by the Danish Maritime Fund.
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Presentations and media coverage from the project
September 2016 Project update at Blue INNOship seminar Presentation
Update from the project at the Blue INNOship seminar, September 2016