Increased revenue
App. 35% of the partners expect to increase their revenue based on the activities in Blue INNOship.


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Goals and objectives
Build up a competency at the supplier companies and the ship owners to set the financial value of the new solutions, particularly with respect to purchase price, contract price, subscription fees, maintenance fees, etc. 
Establish new specific knowledge about how contracts can enable the transformation from one-off transactions to long term collaboration between supplier(s) and ship owner that encourages innovation and technical development by e.g. ensuring a balance between risk and reward. 
Create specific insight into understanding how to link scale, profitability and financing of servitized solutions for the industry.
CBS Maritime
Danish Maritime
The project is supported by the Danish Maritime Fund and Orient's Fund.
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Presentations and media coverage from the project
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September 2016 Project update at Blue INNOship seminar Presentation
  Servitization project in Blue INNOship Press release from Danske Maritime

Update from the project at the Blue INNOship seminar, September 2016