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The activities in Blue INNOship has resulted in 65% of the partners having developed new ideas regarding future products or technologies.


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Project #5
Vessel Performance Decision Support 
Goals and objectives
To develop a platform to support the processes around the optimization efficient ship operation with special focus on energy efficiency and environmental performance.
To develop a performance management platform which will provide decision support for ship management, ship owner and ship operator companies. The platform will be designed to support the optimization of the transport and energy efficiency in technical and operational functions as well as supporting the development of human awareness on energy efficiency. Further, the platform will support shipping companies to document and improve environmental performance.
Update from the project (March, 2017):

The Blue INNOship Vessel Performance Decision Support project is progressing as planned, and the ambitious goals that were setup in the beginning, are materializing.

The participating shipping companies have over the last two years been implementing procedures and processes that utilizes the decision support provides by the VPDS platform as developed by Vessel Performance Solutions in co-operation with Torm, Lauritzen, Aalborg University and FORCE Technology.

The VPDS platform is able to document significant fuel savings and improved quality of input data in both Torm and Lauritzen, partly based on the modules developed in the beginning of the project.

Currently, the shipping companies are working on implementing processes and procedures for some of the latest developments. Further, the shipping companies are working on interfacing the output of the analysis algorithms into their own business intelligence(BI) systems so that the calculated results of the performance analysis and the subsequent performance indicators can be integrated with the shipping companies’ performance indicators in other areas. The project is currently working on integrating the pilot version of the open standard into the VPDS solution. Based on the various discussions in the project a series of innovative new ideas for further developments have emerged and will be pursued by the project partners.  

J. Lauritzen
Vessel Performance Solutions
FORCE Technology
Aalborg University
The project is supported by the Danish Maritime Fund and Orient's Fund.
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