Green Innovation Model

The long term objective of Blue INNOshipis to develop an innovation model for the Danish maritime industry. The partnership is an investment in the development of a strong common innovation model that will offer a central, competitive advantage for the Danish maritime industry.

This model generates innovations in networks from the players in the industry: universities, institutions, authorities and companies. 


The Green Innovation Model is focusing on getting as efficient as possible from idea to implementable solution. This is going to be done through a script identifying different issues that need to be addressed in the different phases of a project.

In overall terms the script covers:

1)      The ideation phase

2)      The pre-initiation phase

4)      The project phase

5)      The finalization phase

Emphasis will be on the pre-initiation phase, the project phase and the finalization phase, but focus will be on identify learnings from the project phase and analyze how these learnings can be implemented proactively in future projects.

The information regarding the Green Innovation Model is to be seen as 'work in progress' and presently, the content is most developed in the pre-initiation phase, which is due to the fact that this is the phase the partnership has just been trough and where I have identified aspects that needs to be in place before project initiation.

It is possible to read about the findings in the different phases through the drop-down menu.

Please feel welcome to contact Magnus Gary if you have any comments, suggestions or experiences you would like to discuss.