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App. 60% of the participants developed closer relations to new business partners through their participation in Blue INNOship.


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Project #6

Monitoring and performance 
Goals and objectives
The aim of the project is to develop an ICT-centered (information, communication and technology) system for energy optimization of ships – with a focus on working vessels and minor ferries with flexible operation profiles. Several performance systems for optimising the energy efficiency of vessels are available in the market. The systems are developed for long distance sailing and cannot be used directly at working vessels as today’s energy optimisation software systems are not suitable for vessels having unpredictable and flexible operation profiles. 
University of Southern Denmark
Automation Lab
Principia North
The project is supported by the Danish Maritime Fund.
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Presentations and media coverage from the project
September 2016 Project update at Blue INNOship seminar Presentation
Update from the project at the Blue INNOship seminar, September 2016