SOx reduction
Blue INNOship has led to the development of SOx reducing technologies at app. 25% of the participants in Blue INNOship.


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Finalized pre-study
Project #4

The LightShip project was launched to map the Danish status quo in commercial shipbuilding with FRP-based materials, and in attempt to find next steps needed to strengthen the Danish competencies and partnerships within this field. Background for the project was the belief that information is scattered and various initiatives not necessarily coordinated, so it was desired to get an overview of the current state and convey the available knowledge.
Through involvement of relevant stakeholders, the LightShip project seeked to map barriers and challenges for usage of lightweight composite (FRP) in commercial shipbuilding, and engage the same stakeholders in dialogue on how to possibly move forward. Main activities in the LightShip project was a desk study, a series of interviews, and a workshop. The Status Report and an Idea Catalogue are the main project deliveries.
The LightShip project is funded by the Danish Maritime Fund (DMF) together with DBI (Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology), and partly the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA). The project is part of the societal partnership Blue INNOship’s project portfolio, with DBI as project owner.
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